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Paestum is placed at about 43 km from Salerno, and it can be reached driving along the A3 motorway, taking the Battipaglia exit.

The Territory of Paestum touches the most beautiful tracts of the Tirrenian Coast; the sea, the green belts and its fascinating traditions make this place a really interesting touristic destination. Here myth and legend coexist. The tourist who comes to Paestum has to visit the Archeological site where the Basilica, the biggest and the oldest among the three Temples (It dates back to 550 b.c), the Temple of Ceres, the Temple of Neptune, the Amphitheatre ( a Typical Roman Building), and the Forum are visible.

In Paestum there is also a National Archeological Museum, which allows the visitors to retrace the Greek, Lucan and Roman History of the city. Here a unique example of Greek painting is kept: The Diver's Tomb. Another interesting place to visit is the Sanctuary of "Madonna Del Granato", where, even today, a lot of pilgrims from all over the Campania Region come to visit.
Regarding  Gastronomy the most popular products are: Mozzarella produced in Paestum, Artichokes and olive oil.

Leaving Paestum the visitor could visit The National park of Cilento, which is the second largest park in Italy and which extends from the Tirrenic Coast to the Appennines in Campania.

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