Paestum's flavours……

A place where it is possible to discover genuine flavours and, high quality products which hedge in the producers' experience and wisdom.
Anthropologist, doctors and nutritionists think that the genuine and good quality food is a very helpful medicine to prevent malfunction, illness, etc., but it is also a means of enjoying good food, above all the food which can be found in this wonderful area -  the Mediterranean diet – the Mediterranean diet  has its origins in  Greek eating habits.

Indeed this wonderful diet, although it has been  slightly changed through the ages thanks to better economic and hygienic conditions, has always been used and integrated with resources and typical products which are cultivated on a fertile and rich soil: the Paestum and Cilento soil.
Actually, this diet was studied by the American nutritionist Keys, when he was in the army and he came to Paestum in 1944. His study allowed the Mediterranean diet to be included worldwide in books which speak about a good diet, thanks to the excellent nutritional values,  such as cereals, legumes, vegetables, fruit, milk and olive oil, present in the Mediterranean diet, which protect the body from chronically illness.

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