Getsemani The Getsemani Sanctuary , which is a religious complex with a polychrome dome, is established on the green hill of Capaccio. From its position it is possible to admire a wonderful view which extends from the Sele plain to the large Golf of Salerno, up to the Amalfi Coast, and on the opposite side, up to the promontory of Agropoli. On the Horizon is possible to see Capri.
The sanctuary was built in the late 1950s', and it was designed by the architect Ildo Avetta. The building was unveiled in 1959 and today, it comprises a large park, a spiritual house, a cloister, an upper church and a crypt.
Inside the Sanctuary a lot of modern works of art are kept. On the sanctuary's square there is a bronze statue which represents the "Madonna della luna", made by Giuseppe Romano. The statue was unveiled in 1971 to commemorate the American mission to the moon in 1969.
Entering the upper church it is possible to admire our Lady of the Assumption surrounded by 50 Saints from southern Italy and Man's spiritual walk on the stained –glass windows of the dome. In the middle of the  church there is a star – shaped opening which gives on to the crypta.
On the cloister's walls a "Via Crucis", made from ceramic, which remind us of the Christ's Passion, is visible. Inside the cloister there is a stairway which takes you to the crypta.
Inside the crypta a wonderful statue of the dying Christ with his eyes looking up towards the sky and with his hands joined is also visible.
Around the crypta walls there are 15 altars and in the middle there is the "Madonna di Pompei" altar. These altars are dedicated to the most important sanctuaries of the South Italy ,as the Sanctuary of the "Madonna del Granato", and to some of the most important Saints from the southern Italy.
Next to the Sanctuary the spiritual house, which has 150 beds, emerges. In the house park there is a "Via Crucis" painted by hand, and an amphitheatre, used for liturgical celebrations especially during the Easter period, was recently built.

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