Grand Tour  
  At the beginning of the 18th century St.Anthony's cloister was built. The Bishop decided that it was fundamental to help the population, which was experiencing a period of social disorder.
In 1719, thanks to Mr Francesco Antonio Tanza the building of the convent was started because he donated the place known as "la Tempa" to this cause.
The Convent was a Benchmark for scholars and travellers and it was situated in a wonderful position on a promontory.
Today, it stands undamaged but unfortunately we don't know who the architect of the church was, but for sure its architectonic elements and the quality, unusual in its context, are undoubtedly amousing. The Cloister is very interesting and in the barest area there is a Museum dedicated to the "Grand Tour" itineraries, whereas in the seminary room there is a fresco painting representing the "Last Supper", which completes the cycle of frescoes that decorate the Cloister.

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2,50 euro (single)
1,50 euro (groups - at least 10 people)
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