Heraion di Foce Sele  

The Sanctuary  of "Hera"  was placed at the Mouth of the river Sele.
The Sanctuary of Hera was a popular cult site for the ancient populations. Its founding is connected to the Heroic Legend of Jason and his Argonauts who were in search of the Golden Fleece. In 1933 Paola Zancani Montuoro and Umberto Zanotti Bianco, two Archeologists, went to the marshes of the Sele and started their Archeological digs. In 1934 they announced their discovery.

At about 9 km from Paestum, near the Sanctuary of "Hera", there is the famous Museum of Hera Argiva,  a virtual Museum which was set up in the "Procuriali" manor farm  in 2001.
It is a unique place for several reasons: first because its founding is connected to the Legend of Jason, and also because it was the site  cult of Hera, who was venerated for centuries.
The visitor can listen to a voice which narrates the story about the sanctuary's discovery and describes the deeds of the Greek Heroes. The stories are told through films, three-dimensional reconstructions, videos and sound effects.

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