Museo Archeologico  
  The National Archeological Museum of Paestum is one of the best museums in Italy.
It consists of various sections which allow the visitor to retrace the Geek, Lucan and Roman history of the city.
It was built in 1952, using a project planned by the architect M.De Vita, and it is situated inside the walls of the town. The first section was built in order to hold the archaic Metopes which were found at the Sele.
Another room, designed by the architect E. De Felice, was added to the first one. The latest set up of the Museum dates back to 1999, when a Roman Room and a Didactic room were added.
Entering the Museum the visitor will find the Archaic Metopes, which are the most important and interesting findings of the ancient world; bronze vases, which were found inside the "sacello ipogeico" , the famous Diver's Tomb and the painted slabs of the tombs, which belong to the Lucan Age.
Moreover, in the Roman Room, sculptures and many silver coins are also visible.
The National Museum of Paestum possesses photographic, printmaking and restoration laboratories and a big archive.

Ticket: (Museum+ Ruins of Paestum + Exhibit "Rosantico"): 10,00
UE Citizens: under 18 - over 65 y.o.: FREE
18 - 25 y.o.: 50% off.

The entrance is free for UE school groups and their chaperons. They have to present a list - double copy on school letterhead - with the names of all participants (students and teachers) at the ticket office (museum).

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